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Itero Slot Review

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The Itero slot machine has been designed and developed by Hacksaw Gaming. It is increasingly popular given the surging number of people searching for it. This game borrows massively from Nietzsche because it allows players to be repetitive in their approach to playing employing the EchoSpins mechanic, which can be accessed and leveraged in the bonus rounds.

You can visit an online casino to access Itero, which borrows its name from Latin, which means to "repeat." It offers a dynamic 5x4 game grid, which bolsters the player's experience while enhancing players’ chances of emerging with prizes.

The Itero slot RTP rated at 94.24% offers an enhanced chance for winnings; the game is also highly volatile with bonus buys available to the players.

The core aspects specific to the Itero slot are summarised as follows:

Provider: Hacksaw Gaming
Release Date: May 5, 2024
RTP: 94.24%
Layout: 5x4
Volatility: High
Bet Range: Between CAD 0.10 and CAD 100
Devices: All Devices
Rating: 9.8/10
Paylines: 20
Win Potential: 10,000x Stake
Device: PC and Mobile Devices
Other features: Bonus Games, Wild Symbol, Bonus Buy, EchoSpins, Free Spins, Gift from the Gods, Autoplay, Wrath of Jupiter, and Quickspin Feature

In this Itero slot review, we will examine the main slot features, how to play, and how to win by leveraging the core traits and features.

Video review

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  • Autoplay feature in slot machine Itero

Itero Review

The distinct feature of Itero comes in the form of the mechanical form introduced by Hacksaw Gaming; it is called EchoSpins. This activates in the base; it also takes precedence in the bonus play. In this case, the core bonus plays include the Wrath of Jupiter as well as the invaluable Gift from the Gods.

In this regard, EchoSpins are a type of respin, which allows for the repeat of the original triggering spins. You will be awarded EchoSpins if a Hand of Jupiter symbol is realised at the same instance as a winning line of play. Consequently, the Hand of Jupiter symbol will establish several options ranging between 1 and 8, which refer to the number of EchoSpins awarded.

The game also has an essential addition, which is the landing of 2 forms of Multiplier symbols on the immersive reels; these include:

  • The Additive Multipliers – the significance of this aspect is highlighted by its underlying value, which ranges between x2 and x10.
  • The Multiplicative Multipliers - the significance of this aspect is also underscored by its underlying value, which ranges between x2 and x3.

To realise and benefit from the global win multiplier, the EchoSpins will have to activate multiplier pay symbols.

The value linked to the Wrath of Jupiter is realised when 3 scatter symbols are visualized on the reels. During this feature, the probability of landing Hand of Jupiter symbols is considerably high for you coupled with enhanced chances of massive multipliers and an EchoSpins sequence.

In cases where you realise 4 scatter symbols, you are awarded the Gift from the Gods, which can help trigger the EchoSpins, accumulate multipliers, and bolster massive wins.

How to Play Itero How to Win Playing Itero

Accessing the Itero slot free version is important because it allows you chances to examine and familiarize yourself with the slot before advancing in funds and targeting wins.

Itero slot demo version allows you to play the game with no sign-up or registration needed. Once you are comfortable with your knowledge of the slot, go ahead and start playing for real money. The following aspects will be crucial when playing this online slot:

  • Playing Itero requires a bet range of between CAD 0.10 and CAD 100, with the game’s hit rate pegged at 29.38%.
  • You will win in this slot if you match symbols, from left to right, on any of the 20 paylines available.
  • The low pays in this game come in the form of 10-A symbols with a value of between 1x and 2x the stake. The high pays come in the form of five bursts with a value of between 4x and 10x the stake.
  • The three-headed dog wilds are essential; when they land in any immersive video on the grid, they replace the normal pause and thus bolster their value up to 10x the stake, especially if you land five wilds along a betway.

How to Win Playing Itero

Emerging the winner in Itero will require you to play the real cash version of this slot. The following aspects will be important in shaping your winnings:

  • You will need to be registered with an online casino to stand a chance of playing Itero and winning.
  • Set your stake, by adjusting it upwards or downwards to get the figure you are comfortable with; you will use the +/- tabs located above the options on the screen to make these changes.
  • Afterwards, spin the reels, wait, and see whether you have won.
  • The bonus game is essential in driving your winnings upwards (frequency and size).
  • If you do not want to wait for the organic activation of the bonus round, you can purchase them by hitting the ‘Buy Bonus’ button on the left corner at the bottom of the screen. In this case, the cost of Wrath of Jupiter is 129x the bet, whereas the Gift from the Gods bonus will cost you 200x the bet.
  • Watch out for the number of echospins; they will also have an upward impact on your winnings’ frequency and size.

Itero Free Spins

The activation of the Wrath of Jupiter bonus is realised when you realise 3 scatter symbols on the reels; importantly, the slot welcomes you with 10 free spins. The resulting bonus round allows enhanced chances of landing the Hand of Jupiter symbol, with a bolstered probability of getting many multiple echospins and multipliers.

If instead, you realise 4 scatter symbols, then you will activate the Gift from the Gods alongside 10 free spins. In the resulting bonus rounds, the multipliers will be accumulated into a total win multiplier that will be retained throughout the spins and applied to any wins you will get.

Slot Conclusion

Hacksaw Gaming’s impressive streak extends with this dynamic and exciting slot. With a deep dive into classical antiquity providing an important thematic base game, the resulting creative gameplay is sufficient to keep players coming back for more. On top of that, the winning possibilities are endless on this online slot. The sublime piano soundtrack merges well with the introspective theme. The Echospins feature, which is trademarked, is innovative, simple, casual, and alluring to the players. The bonus rounds – Gift from the Gods and the Wrath of Jupiter - are a major plus for the slot. However, the best option for you to win is the Gift from God offering a robust 10,000x the stake. The game’s multipliers are especially important in driving up the winnings and giving players immense value.

  • Can I Play Itero Slot for Free?
    Yes. Check out and try the Itero demo version to explore the game, and its core dynamics, and test your ability to win. This is important before you start using any funds playing this slot machine.
  • Is there a Free Spins Mode in Itero?
    The game does have free spins modes; there are two bonus rounds offered in this slot both shaped by the EchoSpins, which is a trademarked aspect of this game.
  • What is the Biggest Win Possible?
    From this slot, you can walk away with up to 10,000x of the stake you initially place in Itero to start the spin. This is a massive and rewarding potential for players to create some value through gaming on this slot.
  • How Volatile is Itero?
    The game is highly volatile. This is especially crucial for players looking to win. It means that the frequency of winning and the potential value of such rewards are considerably high.